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Latest News + Promotions From Arcam, Musical Fidelity and PMC!

Hi Everyone, Firstly both Wendy and myself would like to thank everyone who came along to our 2nd anniversary Vinyl 70’s day and made it such a fun event, it really was great to see so many people turning up with vinyl under their arm ready to play, it really was a very diverse day with a real ... read more

Ultrasone Announce The Edition 5 Unlimited Headphones!

Hi Everyone, I have just been notified that Ultrasone have announced that they will be very shortly be launching the Edition 5 Unlimited headphones, this is particularly exciting news as for those who read my comments regarding the Edition 5 then you’ll know that I was extremely impressed, for me ... read more

Spotify Connect and Bluetooth Come To Naim's Uniti Range!

Hi Everyone, This is great news for users of Spotify with Naim streaming products, from now on all of the Naim Uniti range will come with the ability to play Spotify using Spotify Connect and will have Bluetooth aptX built in and for any present owners of Uniti Products and any of Naim’s Str ... read more